Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joseph Nye on American Decline

From way back in Feb (recycled by Real Clear World), this snip from Nye's piece:

"On the question of absolute rather than relative American decline, the U.S. faces serious problems in areas like debt, secondary education and political gridlock. But solutions exist. Among the possible negative futures are ones in which the U.S. overreacts to terrorist attacks by closing inwards and thus cuts itself off from the strength that it obtains from openness.

But there are answers to major American problems that preoccupy us today, such as long-term debt (see the recommendations of recent deficit commissions) and political gridlock (for example, changes in redistricting procedures to reduce gerrymandering). Such solutions may remain forever out of reach, but it is important to distinguish situations where there are no solutions from those that could in principle be solved."1.

He's right, but what are solutions? It seems that statesmen and pundits alike are struggling to find the right metaphor... The most effective construct. I submit that the Opportunity State is part of that answer.

1. Article:

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